Dan-czech specialtransport - Transport projects and logistic solutions

Using the other modes of transport we offer a complete logistic solutions to our customers. The headquaters of the company DAN-CZECH SPECIALTRANSPORT s.r.o. is placed in a very strategic posiotion in the immediate neighbourhood. Based on this fact we can offer a very convenient conditions of the combined transport.


River transport

River transport on navigable rivers and channels in Europe belong to basic linchpin of heavy and oversized transport possibilities, especially for special and abnormal consignments. Often it is the only possible means of heavy transport that allows the realization of sales abroad.

  • River transport of oversized and heavy goods to European ports
  • Reloading of heavy cargo in fluvial ports
  • Forwarding and consulting services related to river transport
  • All special transport services in river ports on the Elbe and particularly in Melnik and Decin
  • Quality inspection of transported goods by authorized inspectors
  • Insurance of consignment

Sea transport

Sea transport is an international transport system which, is the most important, widespread and, in all aspects, the most difficult traffic branch. It is frequently called the "Mother of traffic branches" and because of its advantageous monetary value it is generally the most used method of heavy and oversized transport in the world.

  • Sea transportation special and heavy goods or project cargo
  • Realization of export and import sea transport to and from all world ports with the cooperation and assistance of international shipping companies
  • Global consultation
  • Seaport handling, packing, marking and other services in ports
  • Recommendation of the best delivery terms and methods
  • Recommendation of packing methods with consideration of the goods being handled
  • Consignment insurance